Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Fell Too Fast

On the way home, from getting the girls tonight, I talked with Stella about the trees as she observed the darkness as a result of daylight savings time.

Stella: It daak outside Mama.
Me: Yes it is Stella.
S: The trees empy. The leaves falls down.
M: Yes they did Stella, the leaves fell down too fast.

I will miss our conversations about the colors of the trees. Stella would say they were "orange-y, red-y, purple-y, and yellow-y," while picking up many of the leaves to stash in the trunk of her bicycle.

Here are a few snapshots of our fall festivities with the new addition of Esme this year. 

Deanna Rose Apple Fest with YaYa & PaPa

the final scene following any festival we attend...

Lenexa Spinach Festival

Deanna Rose Farmstead - Pumpkin Hollow with Grammy

Kirby Pumpkin Patch Halloween Morning

Not sure if you can tell, but Stella is RUNNING after the tractor, yelling "WAIT!"  

Halloween Night - Stella's first time Trick or Treating (she LOVED it!). I will try to get video up later.  
This was towards the end of the night, poor girl couldn't wait any longer.  She had been carrying around a pumpkin of candy and had not had one piece.  "Suckee!"

She is a dragon - even has a tail that wags behind her.  I put a pink bow on the hat to show that Stella was a girl - she called it a "pincess jagon"  
 our little pink skeleton

To see more you can view our Picasa album.  Poor Esme is usually bundled up in the sling or stroller at these things, so not a visibly in the spotlight.


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