Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Time Already!

I can not believe it is here.  Thanksgiving is a blur.  I am still trying to sort pictures from our Thanksgiving in Denver and am posting Christmas pictures in the meantime.  Esme will be four months soon.  What?!  I need to rewind; I am missing pictures of her newborn hands and feet. She is cooing and laughing...Stella is counting to twelve-teen and singing her ABC's straight through without any mistakes (did I remember to record that?), and Ben needs a haircut again?!  As I catch up to the time that has already passed me, here are a few pictures to help get you in the Christmas spirit. 

*This is Stella's tree in the play room...she did not help much more after this, however every morning as she comes down the stairs, she points and says, "Stella's Tree!"  It was well worth decorating.

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