Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cold, Rainy, and Perfect

My favorite time of year is Fall.  This weekend was the perfect "end of Fall" weather.  It was cold, rainy, and dark enough that the leaves left on the trees were a bright contrast against the gray clouds.  We baked, watched some PIXAR, burnt "fall" scented candles, watched the Chiefs...wait for it...WIN a game, and   listened to the Sound of Music Soundtrack (Stella twirled so much you would have thought she was Julie Andrews on the Mountain).  Ok, so I was able to do all this, Ben was busy most of the weekend working on our bathroom and "fixing Stella's house."  But don't worry, he still took some breaks to take in some of the perfect fall weekend and play with the babies.

Stella helping with making Pumpkin Bread. She could advertise for Libby's.

Esme in her Bouncer chair while I cleaned Stella up.  "Silly Sister!"

Not the perfect weekend for Callie; she doesn't like the rain.

Oh, tummy time is so rough on a girl.

Homemade Apple crisp, while the girls are napping.

Yea!  A break for Daddy to watch the Chiefs game.

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