Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am seeing a glimpse of a finished bathroom.  It is getting very close.  I see glimpses all over the house, of what things will look like once we are finished with all our projects, finished making it "ours."  Our master bathroom is the most recent transformation.  With the help of my Dad, the big wall to wall box that once housed flourescent lights was taken down and Ben recently put up new fixtures (sounds easier than what it was - my Dad had to replace dry wall, move electrical wires, boxes, a cable etc).  The two of them also completed the tile on the floor (originally carpet, then sub floor, now tile).  Although, there is still work to be done...need to finish the paint, take care of the pink tile (yes I said pink) in shower and tub and put up the wainscoting. BUT, I can see a glimpse of the finished product.  It is a very beautiful glimpse. 

Before and After pictures will hopefully be available soon! 

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