Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I love PAINT

Paint can do wonders. I just love it. LOVE IT.  I have lots of little paint projects going on.  I'm so third trimester tired.  I am so in nesting mode.  I am making this temporary space feel like "us" as much as I can with as little investment as possible.
Our previous nursery set is black.  I love it.  It was Stella's, then we moved her to a big girl bed and kept it as a crib for Esme.  Esme was using the crib as the converted toddler bed but we recently converted it to a full size bed for her.  We needed to buy a new crib for this baby.  I decided on white, which meant that the changing table would need to be painted.  I guess it didn't need to be painted, but do you really think I would let that slide?

The dividing inserts in the changing table have such a glossy surface.  I did not even want to take the time to test these with paint.  My solution is white contact paper.  It was easy and went on beautifully.  If it does get scratched, or peels over time, who cares?! It was inexpensive and I still have three quarters of a roll left.  Woo hoo! 

...and Voila!
Uh huh, it looks that good in person too.

Ok, one more piece that I have done for the nursery
Every nursery needs a book shelf.  Ben has had this piece since college.  He recalls a fraternity brother giving it to him?  It has been in a closet for organization and also a basement the last six years.  Recycle, reuse, redo. Perfect for now!  I started by sanding it down a decent amount.  This is the cheap laminate, so I needed to create some teeth, and took the priming step as well.  I was going to paint the backing a different color, but then had a thought...
 You can buy half sheets of bead board at Lowe's.
I like it.

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