Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Favorites

 Amazon.  Yes, I have admitted this to be a favorite before.  If you do not have this app on your phone - get it.  You can scan items wherever you are shopping and it will show you if they can sell it cheaper.  I use it frequently for toys (especially Melissa and Doug).  I used it for our new coffee pot too, which was cheaper with the 20% coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond.
 But...then this arrived in the mail for my Birthday (thanks Grammie and GP), and now I really love Amazon.  It was also the culprit for my absence earlier in February.  Those 99 cent books will get you!
Esme's favorite is the puzzle app.  Note, the Fire should not be compared to the ipad, if you are interested.  It is really for media consumption.  If you already have a computer, it is definitely a great bonus!

IKEA $2.99 frother. had me at $2.99?  I know I shared Martha's home made latte technique a while ago, but I have sold out to this little guy.  It works beautifully, with less work.  I mean, with enough practice I could probably make a design? HA. The girls love it for their hot cocoa too.

Speaking of IKEA...I bought this wood dispenser and role of paper for less than $15.  
I actually like it better than the one at Pottery Barn kids too. We have used it for all kinds of art projects.  I think Stella's favorite was the self portrait.

Hoop-La Earrings, an etsy shop. OMG.  I want these in every color.  If you see me lately, these are in my ears.  They have so many beautiful designs and colors.

BURT'S BEES' lip shimmer...ummm from Target
I know I am late to this one.  All of you probably already have this in your purse.  I have always been a fan of their chap stick, but just started using this a month ago.  I know gloss had been "out" this last fall/winter, but I do not care for stains or lipsticks typically, especially because they dry my lips out.  This moisturizes and provides color.   This is Fig, it reminds me of Cliniques Black Honey (one of my favorites).

J.R. Watkins Lavender Hand Soap
From Target of course.  It is next to Mrs. Meyers in our stores (which is one of my number one products).  I mention this because I really like this particular Lavender. It is not too sweet like most. The Green Tea in this brand is really nice too.

Play Foam.
 One of my favorites from Christmas.  I just like that is provides a different creative outlet in the play-doh/clay arena.  The girls use it with their sorting trays and pretend to bake.

Photos with Sunbursts...and childrens' profiles...Sigh.

p.s. I may have deleted the iphone 4s from the list.  I only posted it because I was so excited about Target's trade in program going on this week.  Basically the trade in value on my white 3Gs enabled me to upgrade to the 4s for $86 (before tax). I KNOW! Right?!

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  1. I have a 3GS. Do you like the 4S? Maybe I will look into this trade-in thing!!!