Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wildlife Experience

Stella calls it the Life Center.  (???) We love it either way.  It is not a close to the city so tends to be less crowded on the weekends and in general.  There is always the climate and different regions to walk through, but they have a new exhibit about every six months. They also have a small imax theater (we saw the original Grinch during Christmas there). Recently, a rain forest exhibit just opened and we just happened to have a buy one get one coupon (woo hoo!).

*all pics were taken with my 3Gs iphone and have been played with in instagram so they are little less than perfect
This girl cracks me up.  They had a bug display and she was so captivated that Stella was almost in tears trying to get her to move on.  Not sure why she needed the magnifying glass for the giant cockroach, but she loved it.

 Anything you can do, I can do...

 Stella loved the mini zip-line.  Funny, six months ago the Butterfly Pavilion, we couldn't get her to try it.

 I love the color.

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