Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lamp Update

I have lots to share.  Just bare with me as I slowly post.  I am in the home stretch of third trimester and the stretch is a little too long.  I definitely have been taking pictures and completing small projects here and there;  getting them to the computer is another story.  Just like the laundry is getting done, but getting it up the stairs and put away sounds dreadful.  So when a spurt of energy graces me, I try to focus it on the girls or housework.

Oh, yes, I have a subject, my lamp, or lamp shade rather. Again, I am going to reference the fact that this is a temporary space for us.  I am trying to reuse and rethink creatively for the nursery until she has a more permanent room at least.  You know, so much of the layout of the room and lighting dictates how you envision the design.  I thought a small spunky investment would add a little personality to this little room.

First polka dot fabric...
 I am going for occasional splashes of bold and bright with neutral in this little white room.

 Existing lamp shade.  Cut strips from polka dot fabric.

 Knot and adhere for a little extra security.
You could do this with any fabric and even make it smooth and fitted.

 Finish the end with pom pom ribbon and hot glue.

Oh, hey now, don't look at the background in this room.  It has recently been a catch all/storage room.  It is a work in progress.  Isn't the lamp cute, though?

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  1. Mandy, that is ridiculously cute! How do you even come up with this stuff??? You should open up your own store....in your copious free time!!! I am serious, sister! Will you please come decorate our house?