Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine

We hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day.  The girls and I were missing Ben.  He left in the morning for a work trip.  We had celebrated LOVE and our family the day before and over the weekend.  Still, strange not having him here.
 I love using these little holidays to give the girls things they sort of need... new art supplies, coloring books, and also tooth brushes and bath sponges.  They still get super excited over it all AND it was already on my list to buy.

Esme MAY have drawn on eye brow, pretending it was make up.  It was a little red after I wiped it.

 A little art project found on Pinterest to complete the day.
 I decided not to spend money on a "heart puncher" and did it the old fashioned way.
 A little cutting over quiet time to save money.

Esme's Rainbow progress.

Stella's rainbow progress.  She is this meticulous on her own.  I was very surprised to see the hearts placed like this when I checked on her.  Very Cool.  

And just because this picture is LOVELY...
Yes I know, sooooo sweet.  You want to know what makes it sweeter?  The little book Stella is holding is stapled paper.  During her "quiet time"  she made a book for the new baby.  It has letters, numbers, and even a couple shapes.  All on her own, she decided the baby needed some books. 
 Then, she decided to read it to Esme.
Heart officially melted.

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