Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Week of Christmas plus Other Stuff!

So, these are pictures that would have been posted the week of Christmas had the great computer crash of 2010 not happened.  Literally the computer crashed to the ground and we had to buy a new hard drive. Thank goodness we did a back up on the computer the end of October and I do save/not reuse SD cards.

The Week Before Christmas...

We made Gingerbread Houses.  I knew that Esme would want to take part this year, so instead of buying two or three Houses I borrowed Ashley's idea and hot glued graham crackers together.  It worked perfectly!  The girls had so much fun!

 I think Esme may have had more candy on this night that in her first  15 months of life.

 "Candy for my house, candy for me, frosting for my house, frosting for me..."

 Ha.  Really no point in sugar free hot chocolate, but that is what we have!

 This is Stella's house.  I LOVE her candy cane chimney on the roof!

 We made treat bags, ornaments, and decorated Christmas trees...

 These will come up later, but I picked these up for $1 from Goodwill!  I only had a few Christmas Cookie Cutters and was about to spend $10 for a few at Target until I found these.

 Stella got some special glitter glue and put it to some good use on a Christmas tree during art time.
 Do you think she has enough to choose from to decorate her tree with??

 I loved this idea from Meg.  Sooooo cute.  Stella really loved it.  Esme was not very happy about having paint on her hand.

We made and frosted cookies!

 She wore her animal backpack the entire time we made cookies.  It was full of her wooden play sushi. 

 Stella spent most of her time decorating this one cookie.

 The best decorated cookies award goes to Ben this year. 
 Yes. Then she ate that cookie with all the frosting and sprinkles on it.  Yes, and we let her.  Hey, it was Christmas time.
 I was so glad we made a small batch.

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