Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Christmas

I am so glad the computer is up and running again (no thanks to myself), but instead of post tons of photos, I will just share some!
 Reading a new book from the Wilkoffs!
 Seriously, isn't that one of the best Snowmen you have ever seen drawn by a three year old!??
 I love that they love the chalkboard wall AND that they always draw together.
 Stella has looked like this every day, at some point during the day, since Christmas.

 Hanging together in the tent from Santa; another favorite this year.
 Look at that face. She is always up to something.
 Yes, your eyes are not mistaking you.  That is a viewfinder.  With the old discs and all.  One Mommy and Daddy's favorites this year!

 This picture is not to show myself, but my little helper.  Every time I vacuum now (which is often with our 80lbs dog), she runs to get her own vacuum and works right along side me.
 Esme playing with a new dress up hat...

 Here I am!!!

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