Thursday, December 16, 2010

It May Be a Little While

...until I have a post with pictures again.  I may have dropped the computer and it may be injured.  Maybe.


Stella is really into Christmas this year.  She is amazed by Santa and his capabilities.  Her favorite movie right now is Disney's Prep and Landing.  She and Esme have sat together with a cookie and milk for the last four nights to watch this 30 minute made for TV special.  Esme lasts through about halfway. I love watching them snuggle together taking in Christmas, both with cookie on their face wearing footy jammies.

Ben and I have definitely been using "Santa" in our benefit as well.  Stella is picking up her toys, washing her hands, sharing with Esme. Although...sometimes I wish she would stand up for herself more against her one year old sister.  We stressed so much in the beginning to "be gentle with Esme."  "Do not HIT, BITE, or PUSH the baby!"  "Come tell Mama or Daddy if the baby does something you don't like!"
How do you tell your three year old NOW, it is ok to do these things in defense but NOT tell her to?  She came to me several times to "tell" me what Esme did.  I would respond by telling her to "go get it back," "don't let her hit you," "stop her before she tries to scratch you."  Hidden in that language is me really saying, "HIT her back, Yank it back, PUSH her away!!"
Yesterday, after Esme had attacked her (granted, Stella was not sharing the little table chairs), I heard Stella yell, through tears, "ESME, NO THANK YOU! YOU ARE BEING NAUGHTY AND SANTA IS NOT GOING TO BRING YOU ANYTHING!!!!"

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