Monday, January 10, 2011


I woke this morning to a little tap on my shoulder and a whisper..."Mommy?  Mommeeeeee?" 
I said yes as a question and opened my eyes.  Once she could see I was looking at her, she grinned and threw up her hands like a cheerleader and said "IT SNOWED!! A LOT!!!!"     
"Can I go outside and build a snowman, snowballs and make snow angels?"
It took a while to convince her to wait a while and maybe eat some breakfast.  She stared out the window watching the the snow fall periodically in between building blocks and playing with Play-doh.

Finally, Esme went down for a morning nap and Stella and I bundled up and headed out to play.  This girl LOVES the snow.  So different from last year, when she did not want to touch it.  Better yet...she got to go out again when Daddy got home and Esme got to join her!  She rolled in it, she jumped in it, she ate it, she stomped it, she tried soooooo hard to build with it, but the snow was just too dry.  Once she yelled (in Tangled fashion), "BEST DAY EVER!" just explain to her what 15 degrees means tomorrow or the next day....

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