Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crown Center and Union Station

Ben and I LOVE going to Crown Center and Union Station.  We haven't taken the girls during Christmas time before, but it was wonderful! 
 Scoping out the gingerbread wonderland.  I was surprised they enjoyed just watching so much.

 Through the link from Crown Center to Union Station. Oh man did they love that.

 Stella danced to the live Christmas Music.
 I am so glad Esme is fascinated with trains.
 We took the girls through the Dinosaur exhibit at Union Station.  Stella - scared.  Esme - fine.

 Stella loves dinosaur movies and play figures, BUT she did not like the exhibit.  She was clutched to Ben the entire time.  The exhibit was really awesome though.  They made sounds and moved by the push of a button.

There was a large train exhibit too.  It filled an entire room with different train sets, towns, and villages.  There are more pictures but this post is long enough!

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