Sunday, May 2, 2010

Right on Track

If the baby book says, at eight months "your baby may be able to"...Esme is doing it.  In the last three weeks, she has figured out and perfected the following...crawling, pulling self up to stand and pushing self back to sitting position from tummy.  She has also perfected her pincher grasp.  It still amazes me how quickly development happens.  We seriously gave her puffs for the first time about three weeks ago and she was not sure what to do with them.  I think it was about a week and a half ago she pulled herself to standing for the first time and now it happens everywhere on anything she can pulls (this includes the dog!!!).  This makes for a very busy baby.  Stella has become a second Mom in the house as a result and is very nervous of Esme's new freedom.

This was the first time she did it on her own (that i know of anyway).  Look at her feet.  They are flat and stable to the ground now.

This is what we see every morning now.  

Big fan.  I love that they dissolve.  Ahhh...yes, that is a glimpse of the back splash in the back ground; soon...very soon.

Just multi-tasking by working on my "edging" and pincher grasp Mama.

First sippy cup.  She isn't sure about this; just wants to bite the spout.  Stella loved her sippy cups and transitioned from bottles very quickly.  Not sure this one will...

This shot contains:  a pink table from Target clearance for Stella to use outside that she uses inside, a stage 1 sippy cup because she had to have one like Esme, Mama's hospital cup because a girl can't have too many drinks, a princess necklace pen and THE blanky.

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