Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Day Art

So I saw this art project by way of one of my favorite Mom Blogs and thought it would be perfect during art time after Stella's nap.
First, draw some baby girl hands.  Then, cut them out.  
You will also need to cut out your birds, and strips for the bird cage.
Stella LOVES using a glue stick.  I point to where we need the "dot" and she takes care of it. Then we assembled our cage.
We put our cut out hands on our birds for wings/feathers.  Stella felt that the wings were a little plain, so we pulled out the markers.  You could easily tape the thread to the bird as well as the cage, but I had a needle near by.

They kind of look more like fish, but I don't care.  It took up a good amount of time and engaged my two and a half year old.  She was very excited with the end result.

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