Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...The Beginning

Stella started her weekend with a shake.  I had a coupon for the Yoplait smoothies.  They are a hit, and much lower in sugar with some nutrients (she LOVES shakes).
A little dress up between sisters.  Well, Stella dressed up Esme anyway.

Mommy says:  "Stella, show me your silly face...surprise face...angry face..."
Funny girl.

Some sand and water table fun now that we have top of the deck.  I love this "flower child" dress.  
Thank you K-K!!!
Esme has this thing about letting something hang out in her mouth.  This is a saltine.  She will just continue to play while a piece dangles between her lips.
Nice shot of Stella's new "Buzz Light Year Shoes."  Not really, but that is what we told her and now she loves wearing them.

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