Saturday, May 22, 2010

Full Saturday/Lots of Pictures

Today, I took the girls grocery shopping - I normally do not venture that on my own; Target is one thing, groceries are another!  My Dad and Ben worked on the deck. I found a garage sale down the street.  We took the girls on a bike ride, and now my friend Sam Adams and I are having a little catch up.
Being cute, while picking up her cracker crumbs.
Some deck building going on here.
Thanks for the visual Dad, those are going to be some good steps.
Esme has officially declared her first word:  DAAADAAAA!!!  Every time she saw him outside: DAAAADAAA! DAADAAA!
After taking her bib off three times, we found one that had super velcro. "GET THIS OFF OF ME!"

"Seriously, people!"
Here we go! 
First, I saw one.  So, I grab the camera (Stella was very excited), and by the time I take the picture, there were two.
Then, there were three, ok, cute.
Eventually came five goslings, but Mama was revving back up to go and put the camera away as all the goslings started charging towards us and the Mama and Papa geese started talking all kinds of crazy at us.

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