Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Marathon

When I am home with the girls, nap time is my marathon.  I have figured out how to get Esme's second nap time with Stella's big afternoon nap.  I LOVE nap time.  It is during this time that I catch up, craft, clean, cook, plan, work etc.  After I picked up from morning play time, I began my race.
 Really?  I mean, really?  This is supposed to be a leak proof lid.  Clean.
Start the Matt Pond PA today.
Get some sewing done.
Homemade ice cream.  Recipe here.
Home made salsa - it is mexican night tonight.
Mmmmm...must taste and make sure it is good.  Also need to re-energize.
Oh no, baby is awake.  All is not lost.  The toddler is still down!  Let's preoccupy this one with a snack!
Just enough time to squeeze in this...
and check on work...
I hear a toddler waking.  The race ends.  Now it is time for toddler entertainment.
We made telescopes with toilet paper leftovers.  
I see you!
I see you too Mommy!

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