Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Knew This Day Would Come

The day when Stella would want to start picking out her own clothes.  For four days in a row she has picked out her own clothes, but I have been there to guide her.  You know, I will say "oh, it is too cold for that," or as she is pulling out different pants, "that would match!"  She came down the other morning, with clothes in hand (before I could be there to guide her).  The only thing missing was underwear; although she would say different.  Seriously.  She set her clothes down, surveyed them and looked at me with surprise, "OH! MAMA! I forgot my leg warmers!!!"  So, she ran back upstairs to get her leg warmers.  But these are not the kind of pants you wear leg warmers with...they are boot cut, so we had to tuck them into her leg warmers.  She was so PROUD of herself.

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