Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day

eI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with lots of  "Costco Hugs"!  We had a beautiful day.
***Note: In case you are wondering what a "Costco Hug" is, I will tell you. A week or two ago, Stella was jabbering about something and then began talking about the "biggest hug ever."  Ben asked about the biggest hug ever and Stella informed him that you can get them at Costco where all the big things are.  Presently, we receive and request "Costco Hugs" from her at every bedtime and every good-bye.  They are really great and feel amazing coming from a little three year who uses all the strength she has to warp her little arms around you and squeeze with all of her might.  SO, I hope every one had a "Costco Hug" on their Turkey day.

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