Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Stella's favorite holiday two years running. The girl loves anything related to Halloween.  Esme is following right behind her of course.  Through out October, every time she spotted a pumpkin on a doorstep, she would kick her legs and point to the pumpkin with her own gibberish.  When we trick or treated, poor Esme really wanted to walk with Stella and knock on every door with her.  We eventually put her in the backpack, which she prefers over the stroller and that seemed to make her happy....of course with a sucker here and there too.
We started the festivities a couple days before at "Enchanted Forest" at a park down the street from us.  There was nothing scary, lots of lights, music, puppet shows, an owl display...candy.  Stella loved it.  We found out that Esme doesn't care for puppets...at all.
We are just over a week from Halloween (sorry for the delay...I have been a busy lady...I have lots to share too!).  Stella is asking if we can go trick or treating again.  She is also asking when the ghosties will wake up (all the decor on the houses in our neighborhood).  Poor girl.  She doesn't understand when I say she has to wait a entire year.  So...Ben and I are trying to talk about Turkey and giving, but I think we may have to go to something more exciting like Santa.

Enchanted Forest

By the way, Stella is a cupcake and Esme is a cow (warmth!).  I made Stella's costume copying Pottery Barn Kids cupcake.  They wanted $60!!! This is such cheap fabric, I bought extra and only spend $18.
I think I did okay.

HALLOWEEN!  How lucky is Stella, that she got to go Trick or Treating with Woody and Jessie from Toy Story??!!?

Until Next Year...

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