Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fight Face

Have I shared Fight Face?  Well here it is.  Esme's fight face.  Her bottom lip juts out and over her top lip and her eyes get serious.  I think in most babies you would think she is pouting.  NOPE.  Not this one.  We see this face often when...she is trying to climb on something that it too high...she is trying to take something from Stella...when Stella took something from her and she is preparing to attack Stella (not cry)...when we will not give her a bite or our food.  It is her face when she is fighting or working hard for something.  Usually if we see this face next to Stella, Ben and I are now trained to say "Stella, move now!"  "Esme, no thank you!!!"  Why do we yell at Stella to move?  This is to prevent Stella from being pinched, scratched, bitten, or her hair torn out. I should also say that Esme is one of the most lovable and sweetest babies ever.  Seriously.  She cuddles more than Stella did and when she is sweet she is like a bowl of frosting. BUT, the girl is a strong independent, second born.  She wants to do everything WITH her sister and everything her sister does.  Esme does not care that she is two years younger. 


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