Tuesday, September 28, 2010

San Fransico Part 2

I left my camera behind one day by total mistake.  It was a very important day for pictures too.  I missed shots of Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and a whole lot of other awesomeness.  B & K...I will need to get some shots from you!
This is the street we stayed on.  The bay windows to the left was a bedroom in our house.
Dinner one night; we bought some freshly cooked crab from the Wharf.  Ahhhmaayzzzing!
I was surprised at the beauty of Alcatraz (the outside of course!).
I love this photo of the group.  By chance, they happened to be spaced like this.  I yell, "Hey Guys, look at me!"  This is how they stopped. We were on our way to the top to tour inside,
Yikes!  I have tons of pictures from this, but who wants an entire post on Alcatraz? (I do I do!!)

We rode a more modern trolley car, the line was too long for the old fashioned one.  We were smashed like sardines in this bus like machine on rails....it was horrible...and stinky.
The name of the car happened to be "Kansas City." 

Chinatown was crazy, busy, crowded, beautiful, interesting and fast. I could have sat on a corner and watched people.  There were little old women shorter than me with bags on wheels who walked on a mission (watch out toes!).
Some unusual food...
Lots of food.
So pretty.
Too many photos to choose from. What's a girl to do?  Food and rainbows of course.
Best breakfast ever.  One of them anyway.  Don't you agree Ben?

A kite festival.  The octopus kite was awesome. Just awesome.

Just a couple more shots of the bridge...
We saw it under blue skies and with the fog.  Very cool both ways.

I couldn't resist these last two shots from wine country and a local Petaluma bar off the camera Ben was holding (I forgot to check the card here!!).
We pretty much had this bar to ourselves minus a couple locals.  There were taxidermy animals EVERYWHERE, all over the walls.  The bartender (who we think may have been the owner?) says to us, "What?  Don't you have animals from where you come from?" 
We had a lot of fun here though.  Ben and I learned how to play Hearts.  This began an addiction for the next few nights.  Right as we were catching on and we (I mean "I") would occasionally win, it was time to fly home.  So...anyone interested in playing? 

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