Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Francisco Part 1

We traveled sans kiddos to San Francisco.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Ben and I could live there.  It is so laid back for a large city.  We spent the first couple of days in wine country.  Since the convertible was almost the same price as the sedan...we went with the top down option.  We drove up HIGHWAY ONE in sunny 65 degree weather.  The scenery is right up there with the Rocky Mountains for me.  As we drove through a forest on a windy road, Kara and I closed our eyes and just inhaled.  I would like to put that "forest" in a votive to burn.
Yup, that is a suitcase riding middle seat.  It didn't fit in the trunk when the top was down.  It definitely took up as much space as a person, BUT totally worth it.
We stopped to check out the scenery off Highway One.  It was breathtaking.  Cheese, right?  Kara, I LOVE this picture by the way.
Breakfast in Sonoma...sooooooo goooood.  A good way to start before wine tasting.
First stop: Ravenswood.
We were given permission on our tour to manhandle their grapes. 
That is Dave.  He was incredible.  It you ever tour Ravenswood, ask for Dave.  He is viticulturist. He was truly passionate about his work and "loves grapes."
A wine and cheese taste testing picnic.
I could seriously print all of these pictures and frame them in the house.  We were surrounded with art.

Next stop: Napa Valley...ARTESA
Not as Rustic, more modern, but still Great!
Yeah...we have had a good amount of wine by now.
We were informed there was a Champagne tasting just down the road.  Well, Okay!
As Stella would say..."OH MAAAAAANNN!!!"  If only I had stretch arms. Good thing we bought the Alcatraz photo, right Kara?!
I know this is the longest post ever...I really had a hard time choosing photos.  There are so many; so many I think are great too.  I haven't even reviewed over the photos from the point and shoot!  Part Two of the City tomorrow?  Maybe.

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