Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Nap and a Car Ride

If the baby does not nap well and the toddler does not nap at all, this is what you get when you go on a car ride. 
 After an afternoon of battling nap time, this Mama gave up and decided it was time to get out of the house.  We stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour (Stella gets the Apple Juice Slush).  Then, we headed to the bank.  After p-off-ing the baby for giving Stella something (the slush) and not her, I was not about to leave her out of the "bank sucker."  Esme thinks she has to have anything and everything that Stella has.  So, here we go, her first unsupervised full sugar sucker. DO YOU SEE IT?  Let me help you out with a close up.
I drove around for about 20 minutes, wasting gas, so they got a little nap in.  Everyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE nap time (aka project time).  That is okay though, they were in sweet moods.  And...I may have enjoyed having the radio to myself to belt out some tunes for 20 minutes.

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