Thursday, June 24, 2010

What You Can't See

I think Esme has communicated her third word.  I am convinced actually.  I say 'communicated' because one word is a sign.  In this order:
1. Dada
2.  sign: MORE
3.  Stella (Lelah)
In the morning, she will point her puffy little hand at Stella and say, "Lelah!  Lelah!"  Then she laughs and kicks. 

The other morning, Stella slept late.  Like 9 am late. Wow, right?  Esme woke up at 6 am on this morning...figures.  I heard her wake through the monitor.  I cracked the door and whispered, "Good Morning."   She was curled up in her duvet, only her head peaking out.  She smiled, then whipped the covers back and asked us to lay with her (heart melting at this point and hoping she will do the same thing 30 years from now).  I crawled in bed with her, Esme between us.  Stella then stroked Esme's hair for a while and said, "I love you baby!"  She then kissed me on my forehead and said, "I love you too Mama."  Liquid.  I am total liquid.  She can be so sweet.  This may have been the same day she dumped her open cup of milk on the floor out of frustration. 

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