Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

What a wonderful day.  I hope you enjoyed it Ben!  We didn't do much, but good food, good moods from kiddos and some relaxing with a Starbucks makes for a good day.  I had hoped for bigger things, Stella was begging for the pool, but we were so tired (our baby girl didn't sleep for half the night, which is unusual)! Never the less, we enjoyed our time together.  It was fitting that Stella was a Daddy's girl today too. Check out the photos!
A tea party in the morning.  Every time I came near, Stella told me to go, 
she was having tea and cake with Daddy!
 Later, she helped Daddy clean the table for Lunch outside.
Don't worry, the deck is not finished.
So much love in this picture.  Stella is blowing raspberries on Esme's stomach.
I left Ben and the girls for a little while to go on a quick errand.  Here are some shots from when they playing.
She found an old bag in my night stand.  I think Daddy might be encouraging this.
Then, we pulled the sprinkler out for some splash time while steaks were grilling.
Slowing down here; reflecting on the sprinkler.
Drying off.
We love you.

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