Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends and Family

We were lucky enough to spend time with our friends from Denver whom we consider Family this last weekend.  I do wish it was under different circumstances, other than the loss of a very dear loved one.  Never the less, we enjoyed the time we had with them and their beautiful children.  Ben and I even got to spend some time alone with just the kids (minus our own)!  We love them.  Stella does too.  They left Tuesday morning, Stella has asked several times throughout the day where they are.  Where did they go?  Are they at school?  Did they fly to Colorado?  Will they be at her house when we get home?
Here are some pics of the time we were able to do something fun.  This would be Esme's first time at the pool.  She seemed indifferent.  Stella had to ease back into pool time.  The last couple summers, she has been full steam ahead.  I think she is more aware of sinking and floating so is more cautious.  Although, when it was time to leave, she was a boneless, crying toddler being carried to the car. That is good news, right?
Beautiful, aren't they?
Yes Kara, that is some Dexter hair.  I love it.
Some fun at home.  Esme is just happy to be able to observe.  You are looking at a nine month old, an almost two year old, a will be three in Sept year old and a will be four in Oct year old.  Get that?
A little toe nail painting going on here.  Esme was the only one who didn't take part.  She definitely enjoyed watching.  Sweet baby.
Ice cream time outside.  This was "melt my heart" cute.  Especially when the girls were finished...Tobias still had half a cup left.  I watched him process between leaving to go play with the girls, or stay alone with the baby and finish the ice cream.  He chose the GIRLS!  Over ICE CREAM!  Awe!
Silly, sweet girls.
I have a feeling this one will gang up with Tobias next summer terrorizing the older two.  This time, she was very content just watching, taking it in and playing with a block or two along side them all.

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