Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Block a Baby

Sometimes, I need to leave the room.  Sometimes, I need to use the restroom, or get a drink, or remove food from the oven.  The play room is not in sight from the kitchen or ear shot of the bathroom.  This baby cannot be trusted.  Here is my solution:
Notice the ottoman on the left...the chair on it's side on the right. Keep the baby in the giant pen!   Notice the table in the background?  Only because of this make shift blockade was I able to start painting Stella's table (the $5 one from the yard sale - maybe it will be finished tomorrow?).   See the bright pink poster on the right?  That is Stella's potty poster.  She is doing so well.  She has only had accidents during nap time (yeah!).  I am cheating at night though...pull ups.  Now, more baby...
"I will escape Mama!!! The chair is missing!"
The kitchen after one escape.  I allowed this one since I just cleaned the floors.  We are so in for it when she starts walking.

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