Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stella's naps, around the house, soon a project

We have been working hard on the kitchen.  Thursday we started to tear into the backsplash ultimately cutting the wall off to put up new drywall. I started the painting...lots of painting...LOTS OF PAINTING.  The laundry/butler pantry is almost done.  Man, progress is so much slower with two little ones.  I had hoped to have that project done by now.  Nap times are hard to sync or not long enough sometimes.  But they are so much fun when they are awake...we try to forget the disaster in the kitchen and the fine layer of dust everywhere to stop and play.
Enjoying the weather.

Love that morning sunlight. 

Esme hanging out in her room, while I open Stella's door after nap time. By the way, I have a few plans for that little black table back there; also thinking about something artistic for the wall back there too.  Hmmmm...

So...onto Stella's nap time.  She recently figured out door knobs.  Yeah, that's fun.  At night it became a problem as she would get out of bed and sneak down stairs into the play room.  During nap time, she would venture somewhere other than her room.  We recently bought safety doorknob locks.  It helps some, until she gets so mad and BREAKS the safety lock.  Yes, we lock our daughter in her room when she sleeps.  Can you imagine if we didn't?  We might be those people on the news, with the two year old  that was found walking the streets or driving a car into something in the middle of the night. Anyway, now that she can't leave her room...she plays or usually reads a lot.  But occasionally there is this:
"It's a diaper train mama!"  

Wednesday, it was the same thing, only she took off her clothes and changed her own pull up diaper (never done that before), and managed to find some infant socks from the closet (there is a safety lock on that door now) and put her new favorite shoes on.
Notice the infant socks are holiday themed and the shoes are on the wrong feet. 
Oh, she makes my heart laugh.

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