Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Thankfully we had nice weather this weekend so Stella was outside...a lot. 
This was the start of the weekend, out on the deck grilling with Daddy.  This deck, by the way will be a topic in May as it is coming down! 
Doesn't she make you smile back?

These two are so cute together.

And the next day...
Since it is coming down soon, we like to chalk on our deck.

We are thinking she will be taking off soon.  She rocks back and forth, sometimes inches up or pushes backward.  I am not quite ready for this.  Stella was not mobile until 9-10 months. 

And the night before...working on baskets:
I thought it would be fun this year "making" baskets.  I found little lady bugs, birds, nests, bunnies, flowers, butterflies (etc) and glued them on the baskets.  I had fun, but Stella did not seem to notice. 

Easter Morning:

Did I mention this post is long???

The important thing to note about this picture is her feet.  This is during nap time.  I picked these shoes up for her to wear with her Easter dress.  I love the dainty sandals, but they seem impractical for Stella.  The girl needs to move, climb and run and I need to know her feet are protected.  I did not expect her to love them this much, though. 

Easter fun at Yaya and Papa's house:
Yup.  It's a princess kite.

If you are still with me...this "basket hat," as Stella called it, has a story.  She put this on her head and was being silly, dancing and telling everyone to look at her "basket hat."  A few moments later, she was ready to find more eggs.  She wanted her basket to find her eggs.  The poor girl forgot she put it on her head.  We probably "looked" for the pink basket (that was on her head) for about 15 minutes.  Ben video taped the whole thing.  Could it be America's Funniest Videos material?

Everyone took turns hiding and finding the eggs.  This was our first year doing this and it was so much fun.  I look forward to when both girls are doing this together.  I had hoped to also be blogging about our laundry hall/passage makeover but it is still progressing.  Ben and I did work during nap time maybe soon. 

Happy Easter.

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