Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dancing and Playing

Stella loves to dance.  When she dances with Mommy, she likes to pretend we are ballerinas.  When she dances with Daddy she likes him to hold her.  So sweet. 

No Whistle Daddy!


Stella is also fulfilling her role as big sister.  She loves Esme so much it melts my heart to listen to and watch her.  In this picture she was showing her the birthday card that just happens to also play the tune, "If you're happy and you know it," which then prompts Stella to sing to Esme.  Do you see Esme's face?  She loves Stella as much as Stella loves her.  Today I needed to clean up in the kitchen and asked Stella if she would make Esme smile (this helps keep both of them occupied).  Stella would take a few steps back, then run up to Esme talking to her in her own "baby talk." Esme would smile big and start her hackle laugh. 

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