Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Later that Night...

Let us rewind back to laundry.  Stella holds up a pair of Ben's boxers and asks,"What's this Mama?"  Hmmm...instead of answering "boxers" I tell her they are Daddy's "pantsies."  FYI, Stella calls underwear and pull-ups "pantsies."   I see her think about this, and I could almost see the connection click in her eyes.  Later that night...after bath, she wonders off to our bedroom and then comes around the corner with Ben's boxers.  She is insisting on putting them on.  I decide this battle is not worth it and I let her indulge.  "Just be careful, Daddy doesn't like his 'pantsies' to get wet," I tell her.


Oh, I am so glad I let her do this.  Shortly following the laughs and good pictures, she started to panic trying to get them off.  Once off, she proceeded to piddle on the carpet. "I saw-wee Daddy, I didn't get them wet."

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