Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laundry & Projects with Kids

This weekend while I caught up on laundry and distracted the girls (from Daddy), Ben put in a new kitchen sink (great find on Craigslist) and three faucets.  Yea!  This is hard with Stella.  She knows Daddy is there, no matter what Mama is doing to entertain her...she is completely preoccupied with wanting to find Ben.  She makes it her mission to find him; she even yells, "BEN?!"  "OH BEEEEEEEEEN?!"  "Are you fixin' MY House?" 

I gave up distracting her at one point and joined the party.  While Ben was putting new faucets in our master bathroom, Esme and I folded laundry.  After realizing, Daddy wasn't going to play with her, Stella unfolded the laundry then turned on music and started to dance.  By the way, the dancing is really good right now.  She comes home from school with "good job" stars on her hands...for dancing! I must put up a video clip. 

She is actually in mid-twirl here; hence the serious face.

There is a baby in there somewhere.  Esme managed to do this all on her own, while I was sorting laundry on our bed.

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