Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa, the Mall, Cookies

So we decided to see how much we can cram in to the days remaining before Christmas.  We packed supplies, loaded the girls up, and braced ourselves for the mall to go see Santa tonight.  Stella was excited.  Good thing, as the mall was crazy.  Yes, we expected that, we just aren't big mall people to begin with.  The line for Santa really was not that bad either.  Stella was very interested in the other children waiting in line and patiently watched them sit on Santa's lap with such curiosity I felt like I might be missing something.  When it was her turn, she very quietly said "Hi Santa."  He asked if she would like to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  She nodded.  That was the last of her communication until her feet were on the ground and she was running towards the Merry-go-round.  Her face was priceless, as he tried to talk to her.  She looked at me or Ben the entire time with a confused expression that I interpreted as, "are you serious about this?"  Esme sat for one picture and was totally indifferent.  To sum up, this is her first visit to see Santa and will probably be her last until she asks us to take her.  I really thought the whole thing was silly.  I am not saying I do not want her to experience Santa.  I will, however, offer to pay one of our friends to dress up and visit the kids as Santa so they can experience the Jolly man with as much patience as they need.  I personally do not need a picture that badly.

He is a good Santa, isn't he?

We also made sugar cookies today.  I tried to involve Stella in decorating them.  With every swipe of frosting and sprinkle of colored sugar, she would ask, "Can I eat'em now Mama?"
I was going to post that picture...Ben mistakingly erased it. Here is one from Thanksgiving with Isabelle. 


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