Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Stella is so fun right now.  Her mind has no limits on the ability to absorb new information.  Even cooler, she retains, recalls, and uses this information randomly surprising her proud Mama and Daddy.  To say the least, we were very excited at how responsive she was when we were educating her on Halloween festivities and "all things Fall."  She truly has some spirit when talking about these things or pointing out pumpkins on doorsteps.  However, it is now December and we are even more excited to educate her on "all things Christmas."  When we draw, we draw pictures of Christmas trees, snowmen etc.  We take the long route home in order to pass more houses that are decorated (and people REALLY decorate in our new neighborhood).  We let her watch more TV than usual to really expose her to traditions.  She has watched and enjoyed "How the Grinch Stole Christmas (classic version) and Polar Express (thanks Grammy!).  All said, we are really pushing this Holiday on her (she even has a mini tree on a shelf in her room), BUT....

It is a Ghost.  Pretty good I must say, but this picture was taken after Thanksgiving.  She drew them all around my Christmas trees today.  When I drew a Snowman, she grabbed my pencil and said, "NO MAMA, draw a Witch!"   Ok, Stella.

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