Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Girls and Cabin Fever

I have been absent.  I admit.  We had two snow storms and temps in the teens/twenties.  It was too cold to really play outside, and too cold to have desire to bundle up the kids and go to Target (whoa).   So, lack of activity, equals lack of pictures, equals lack of blogging.   Submerging myself in a book series did not help either.  I read ten books in nearly two weeks (naps and evenings).   But, the snow is melting and I started a couple small projects.  Of course, I still snapped some shots of the girls around the house these last couple of weeks. Still beautiful.
 Dancing and twirling.
 Being a princess.
 Being a princess should NOT involve climbing on a table.

We are at a strange point with the girls' ages and doing activities.  Stella LOVES "project" time with Mama. She LOVES art.  Esme wants to be a part of everything she does.  I usually do project/art with Stella when Esme is napping.  But we are in transition to one nap a day which does not leave any time to spare.  Esme doesn't appreciate project time yet.  In other words, she tries but lacks the attention span and then gets frustrated that Mama and sister are not playing with her.  So...I am getting more creative and am in search of creative activities that she can take part in too.  I found this activity through Ashley's fab blog
 Both girls really enjoyed this activity.  Esme used her little hands and her fine motor skills as best as she could and then ate as many marshmallows as she could.  Stella, would yell, "Esme! NO Thank You!  These are not for eating!"

Ben was gone for four days.  The girls sat next to each other every night while he was done. 

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