Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Fresh Take

We were given this bookshelf a few years ago.  While it fit in our spare bedroom in our old house, it doesn't in our new house.  Ben has a thing with wood semi-matching or complimenting each other in the same room.  So, to take advantage of some additional storage, I decided to give it a fresh take with some paint.

 Some white paint and then painter's tape to mark off a design.

 And then some brown paint. it.
 Oh, and some new hardware.  I love that 50% sale at the Lobby.   I wanted to stay true to the lines of the bookcase so went with a vintage glass look.
 Hmmmm. Do you see that? I had a little help from a 17 month old.  The girls are ONLY allowed to use washable crayons, paint, markers, etc, etc, etc. However, Mommy has her own stash of markers that are not so washable.  Good thing baby girl only decided to decorate this door that can easily be painted.....again.

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  1. Thats beautiful! I love it! I love decorating with chocolate brown and white and I love the knobs! very nice job !