Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just Another DIY

Ok, as you know by now, I love making my own, cheaper Pottery Barn "looks."  I saw this cool wire display for walls and thought it would be the perfect solution to my fridge problem.
Stella loves hanging her art as much as I do, BUT I am not crazy about the way the fridge looks, plus they fall down if the right magnet isn't chosen.

So I bought this...all for under $10 (yea!)
 I strung the clips on my picture wire...
 ...fixed the wire to screws...(sorry Ben, I know you hate putting holes in the wall, but I am the one who usually patches them anyway!)
 There are so many ways you could make this pretty.  I saw some people (in the blog world) use knobs.  I chose these because they were half off, cool looking, and the 'C' and '7' just happened to be in bright colors.
Yea for Art!!!

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