Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Scarves

I really do.  I love them instead of necklaces.  They are cheap, trendy, and dress up a plain t-shirt. Esme has apparently grown a love for the same accessory.  I think she may LOVE them more than I do.
You can't hear her, but maybe you can see the giggle.

One last shot of Little Miss Sunshine.  The other night at dinner, Stella pretended to sneeze..."ACHOOOO!"  Esme started laughing; like really cracking up.  So, like any comedian who gets a good laugh, Stella did it again...and again...and again.  Esme continued to laugh and laugh and laugh, so hard she seemed out of breath.  Ben did get the video camera out and get some live footage.  Esme smiles all the time, but she doesn't share her laughter that easily.  Most of the time, she just does a little growling giggle.  Stella seems to be the one who can make her laugh the most.  It was such a great moment, we had trouble eating dinner afterwards.

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