Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Please Hurry

... and end.  Or at least cool down.  Here are some shots of the girls hanging around.
We read a lot of books here.
This is my cute chair from Craigslist.  The girls love it and I love how CHEAP it was.
Esme loves rocking chairs too.  Not quite what I envisioned when we brought this chair up from storage.  
It has already been returned to the basement.
Eww...um excuse my dust (from the basement, right?).
I LOVE this picture of Stella.  But, Ben and I agreed that we would see this face again when she is a teenager.  Yikes. 

The other night, Stella was spooked by something and made it into bed with us.  I have to admit, I slightly enjoyed sleeping with her; her snoring, her kicking the covers off, kicking me, somehow taking up the entire bed. I found it all sweet some how.  My real story to tell is the conversation that occurred after Ben turned the lamp off. The light went out and Stella says, "MOMMY, DADDY, my eyes!  MY EYES ARE BROKEN!!"
Ben and I were laughing so hard, we could not comfort her.  In between laughs, I am trying to tell Stella that her eyes are not broken.  Ben turned the lamp back on so she could see that her eyes "still worked." 
Stella sleeps with an LED night light every night.  It puts off a subtle glow enough that you can still make out objects in the room.  Apparently, it has been a while since she has been in true darkness. 

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